Life in Words: African Women Poets


Often we see the dominance of men in literary writing; anywhere from poetry to novels. Strong women writers can many times be seen as a rare commodity or something that does not happen all the time. When it comes to women of color, and specifically African women, such writers and their skills are downplayed or not recognized. Even writings concerning the history of literary do their job in leaving out the importance and influence of women writers. Many times we see works which men give their perspectives and criticisms of women. 

Although there are many insightful writings out there which men have written on African women, no one can tell an African women’s story better than an African woman herself. Women poets especially, African women, have often been demoted and ignored. Even many African poetry compilations have done a poor job of showcasing the many different talents of our women by including only a couple poets in them, creating an imbalance and false representation. 

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