Women in Africa and the Diaspora: “Afro-Creation: The Gele”

Last Sunday, I attended an event where most of the ladies wore a Gele. My first thought was “I will never be able to see anything now” and I was right. A lady sat in front of me with her Gele shooting to the sky. No matter how I tried to position my head, her headwrap completely took over the space. Frustrated, I slumped in my seat.

For many West Africans, specifically Nigerians, the Gele is nothing new as it has its roots in the Yoruba tribe. According to the Yoruba tradition, the way a woman ties her Gele is an indicator of her marital status. If her Gele’s end is leaning to the right, she is married. If the end is leaning to the left, the woman is single. However, in today’s society, the way the Gele is tied has no real significance for most.

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